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All I wanted was for my husband to love ME again. Not her… or her.. (you get the drift), but ME. It was at times a downright obsession. “He used to love me. Why not now? What changed?” I knew the answer, but the answer never sufficed. I had to face reality. It is a wonderful and exciting thing to be loved by a spouse. But it is not the pinnacle of love. There is something we crave that no person on earth can ever supply. It’s the ability to stand before someone, fully vulnerable, fully flawed, and still be found LOVABLE, to have the safe place to be bold, to be afraid, to know exactly what to do and not have a clue what to do, to be helpful, to be helpless… and yet still know that you are ACCEPTED. No need to perform or maintain a set of criteria. Pre-divorce, I would have argued that I had this kind of love.

I was living the dream! But as long as there’s breath in an imperfect human’s body, there is potential for the dream to become a nightmare. No, to live the dream you have to stop over-grandizing human love and accept the truly grand love of God. His love is perfect because He IS love and cannot be anything but who He is. I went out for Valentine’s Day with a group of friends. It was fun! On the way home, a song began to play – a song I held onto with a death grip when my husband first left me: “You stay the same through the ages. Your love never changes. There may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning. And when the oceans rage, I don’t have to be afraid, because I KNOW that You love me. Your love never fails.”


Acknowledging God’s love for ME above others’ love for me makes my love for others BETTER and more like His. I hope you find a smile today in that, whether you’ve got a spouse that adores you or not, YOU are loved with a GREAT and UNFAILING love, not just today, but ALWAYS!

–Kelinda Crawford


These feelings are normal considering the circumstances. At Divorce Care we will discuss methods toward rebuilding your life and to help you heal from your separation or divorce. We understand the needs of someone hurting due to the breakup of a marriage.


Divorce Care meets every Thursday at 7:00. For more information email us at or call the church office.